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Volunteering to offer comfort to others during their time of bereavement is a truly selfless act.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our foundation.

Ehibam values its volunteers and considers the recruiting, interviewing, selection and supervision of each participant to be of great importance.

People can support us in two ways:

  • Bereavement Volunteers to support the foundation as grief counsellors.
  • Office and Event Volunteers to support administration, marketing and fundraising.


Our Bereavement Volunteers interact directly with the bereaved and may also be required to answer calls on loss and grief issues around bereavement, health, depression, relationships, family issues, loneliness and isolation.

Who can apply to be a volunteer?

* Mature men and women who will bring their life experiences to bear.

* Passionate volunteers who have strong listening skills.

All volunteers are given training and will need to complete our short training class in order to be more effective in that role. Contact the administration office via email – – for details.

You can also complete our online expression of interest form and this allows you to register interest in becoming a central contact, telephone or email support volunteer.

Alternatively, you can download and complete the application form below.



Volunteer Services

 Bereavement Volunteers
Bereavement volunteers may assist in providing emotional support and compassionate understanding through personal visits, telephone calls, and/or written contact. They may be asked to contact bereaved family members on the occasion of special anniversary dates through a personal visit, telephone call, or written correspondence.

Office Volunteers
Office volunteers may assist with typing, organization and preparation of mailings (letters to bereaved families, newsletters, etc.), filing, staff errands, and other such duties.

Event Volunteers
Event Volunteers work with the Foundation towards making the necessary arrangements and preparation for scheduled fundraising events, awareness campaigns, etc.